Ya, That Happened

Context: We were making clam chowder 
Chef: "Okay everyone, I'll be back in a minute, but start eating...Alison (points his finger), you can't eat that"
Me (saying in my head): "That was a close one!  I was about to dig in!" (honestly, it just shows me that he's got my back and understand that I really am not going to eat it)

Context: We made lobster
Classmate 1: "Wait, you can't eat lobster?"
Classmate 2: (before i could answer, speaking to classmate 1) "No, duh, it doesn't have fins and scales."
Me: "Wow, nice, very impressed!"

Context: End of class and everyone was eating veal and garlic bread
My dinner courtesy of my chef :)

2 bananas, 2 apples, 2 nectarines

Context: 11:00 pm coming home on the subway.  Homeless man is asking for food or money. I hand him a zested orange i took from class (they were going to throw it away) and gave it to him.
Homeless Man: "Thank you! (pauses, looks at it confused).  What is this a grapefruit (with a disguested look on his face)?"
Me: "ummm no...it's an orange.  (He looks still confused).  It's zested, that's why it doesn't look like a regular orange." 
Homeless Man:  "Ohhhhh...Wow! thanks ma'am!" (Walks away content and a huge smile on his face)
(I don't think he knew what zested actually meant)

Context: All girls college dorm with a "no alcohol in dorm" policy, but as a chef/cook we NEED to cook with alcohol.

Confession:  I snuck it in!  I hid it in other liquid containers, for example, amaretto disaronno looks pretty much exactly like diet peach snapple ;)

Context: Culinary school. Everyones eating braised lamb, bacon wrapped endives and creamy cheese fennel.
My dinner, courtesy of Chef Anna:

Dinner time!!

Context: Kosherfest 2011.  While sampling olives and pickles, my head turns right and I notice a man wearing a familiar logo on his jacket.  The Kind Bar.  
Me: Oh!! (looking surprised)
Man: (He looks up confused)...uhhhh
Me: Umm....I like your...ohhhh...ummm....product....ummmm... I mean...Kind Bars...ohhh ummmm...this is not a pick up line. Goodbye.
Man:  Uhhh....thanks...
We both grab our free samples of pickles and olives and bolt in different directions.

Context: Christmas and Hannukah Party

Nuf Said...

Context: Going home on subway after the Oscars

The Men sitting across from me looked like Cam and Mitch from Modern Family.  They had "party bags" from an Oscar party they attended.  As they were going through their bags they found mud masks and they immediately looked up and handed me four packs of them.  They told me to enjoy them tonight as I relaxed on my couch with a glass of red wine. Obviously.

Thank you boys, I will!  

Context: Sitting on the subway on Monday morning, the day The Wall Street Journal published an article about me.

As I looked across my seat, I see a man reading The Wall Street Journal...and I see my face!  I couldn't look away.  I had a huge smile on my face and kept looking up and down at him.  Needless to say I looked like a creeper.  When he looked up at me I quickly pointed out that the woman in the article was me!  He paused, looked down at the article then back at me and said "Oh cool, congrats!"
Yes, I did point myself out to a few others on the way home who were reading the article.  The feeling is super weird, but super awesome!

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