Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Avocado for Dessert?!

"Avocado for Dessert? No way!!"
This was my first reaction. I wasn't so keen on the idea either.  In the past, I have seen a few recipes calling for avocados in dessert, but never had the courage to try it...until now!  Let me tell's great!
Now, don't expect it to be like Graeters or Haagan-Dazs, but this tangy and creamy sorbet will be sure to give your taste buds a treat!
Go ahead...try some avocado for dessert!  You will be pleasantly surprised!

Raspberry Sorbet

I believe in keeping it fresh and healthy during the summer!  This raspberry sorbet is made with an avocado that makes it naturally dairy free and oh-so creamy.  I recommend eating this straight from the food processor to your bowl.

1 Avocado
1 lime, juiced
2 C. Frozen Raspberries*
1 tsp Vanilla Extract
1 C. Water
1 C. Sugar

In a food processor, process avocado, berries, lime and vanilla.  Combine water and sugar in a pan and simmer on stove till sugar dissolves and creates a simple syrup.  Pour the simple syrup** into the food process or and process till smooth.  Serve immediately or freeze for later
*Any fruit may be used for the sorbet. 
**If you don’t like the sorbet as sweet, you can use half of the simple syrup.


  1. O.M.G. I never read food blogs, but you've just converted me with this. I love you, Ali-Babka!

  2. such a cool idea you are my superfood hero!!

    1. Glad I could be of help! :) Thank you for reading!

  3. Is that chocolate crumbled on top of the sorbet?

    1. Your eyes do not deceive is dark chocolate! A perfect pairing to a light and creamy raspberry sorbet!

  4. I never tasted avocado in sorbet. Very interesting recipe! Thanks for sharing.

  5. Such a simple, but delicious, recipe! Thanks for sharing!
    If you want to keep the sorbet a bit softer, you might want to add a tablespoon of vodka. Alcohol won't freeze, so adding just a little bit will keep the sorbet from doing the same. Vodka is also excellent because it won't affect the taste.
    Meanwhile, the lime juice will help prevent scurvy!
    What a recipe!
    Thank you, Alibabka!

  6. Capt. Jeff,

    Thank you for sharing!! What a great idea! The sorbet actually did freeze pretty solid when I stored it in the freezer and I had to wait a while until I was able to serve it. I will try and use alcohol next time.
    Your tip gave me an idea...If you do want to have a little buzz in your sorbet maybe try adding some raspberry or orange liquor. That would be a great flavor combination in the sorbet!

    Thanks for the idea Jeff!


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