Thursday, September 1, 2011

Food Science!

We made Consomme on Tuesday.  It turns a cloudy broth into a clear, pretty and clean broth.  It's like magic (or fun food science)!  Watch what happens....

Step 1: Tempered egg whites and raw vegetables are added to the cloudy veal broth.
Step 2: The broth is put on the stove and kept at a simmer.  The egg whites are acting as a sponge in the soup, removing all the impurities to create a "raft" on top of the soup.  Once the "raft" covers the entire area, the broth on the bottom is spooned out slowly to reveal a clearer and cleaner looking and tasting broth.

Step 3: TADA! Ladies and Gentelman...a Consomme!


  1. is this used for broth ??

  2. It can be used in when anything is called for broth, consomme or stock. A consomme has a cleaner flavor and look.


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